Dave Stringer on Ecstatic Chant

Dave Stringer on Ecstatic Chant at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2012.

“This thing that we’re seeking is already inside us, and if you want to find it, then sing. Then dance. Then clap your hands. And get together with other people who are doing that. And if you can’t find it there, sing louder.”

Consciousness is something that we all think we posses, but no one can locate exactly were it is, or how it is that we came to have it. Ecstatic Chant (Kirtan) is a little essay on how consciousness connects. It may well be this thing that’s between us, this something that we create together. And so we make music together as a little model of it. From this point forward, everybody is in the band. We’re just an amazing, beautiful, chaotic, and always unpredictable process.

Yoga says essentially that the centre of the Universe is right where you are. And that a really awesome thing to contemplate, because I often have the experience that the crowd is leading the chant as much as we are. So there’s am exchange that goes back. And yoga says: “observe your effect upon the world, and at the same time observe the worlds’ effect upon you.

There are so many things in the world we think that need to be changed. But the only thing you have any control over is your own attitude. And singing seems to make everything better, so here we go……

All the Mantra’s that we are doing are different Names for the different Archetypical ways we connect to Love and Wonder in the Universe.

A long time ago there was a Big Bang, and everything started in one brilliant singularity. You can call it Love if you like that. And this universe is created out of this explosion. That means that that explosion, that brilliance, is in every atom and every particle of you and the person sitting next to you.

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